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A Sensational Biography of A Civil Rights Leader


Paul's newest book is an action-filled biography of Marvin E. Gilmore, Jr., an African-American musician-turned-businessman, the grandson of slaves, who rose from poverty to achieve the American dream. He’s a decorated U.S. war hero, who earned France’s Legion of Honor. He has waged a life-long battle against racism and for jobs-creation. This book describes battles with armed segregationists and making music with Hollywood stars. Gilmore has played a key role in helping Boston outgrow its racial divisions.

Where to Buy the Book
Paul and Marvin's appearance on the television show, Chronicle

Paul's book was one of the featured works of local authors shown on Chronicle, March 12, 2015. Click on the link to see Paul and Marvin interviewed in this wonderful segment: WCVB-TV Chronicle.

Paul's guest appearance on

Listen in as Paul talks about his new book on Chuck Jaffe's, December 1, 2014.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Paul is also a well-known newspaper writer, who focuses on personal finance and the markets. Those are the subjects of his other books.

They all discuss strategies for achieving financial happiness in retirement. Planning for retirement is as natural as aging. The only question is whether you succeed. For most Americans, success means being able to afford the lifestyle they expect without working. Still, some people keep working – part time or fulltime – because they love their job and because they can. Others – many more these days – continue to work because they must.

Whether your retirement is full time or partial, whatever your circumstances, money is a key ingredient.

Paul’s personal finance books are devoted to helping people learn how to save and invest so they can make the most of the money they work hard for. A key part of that process is to build a retirement nest egg that enables them to enjoy the later years in life to the fullest. His latest retirement-finance book spells out, step by step, how to do that!